October 6, 2023 - I have had the honor and absolute joy of learning, praying, sharing and worshipping with a group of beautiful, faithful women from across the nation. Draw the Circle is a 40-day journey and prayer challenge inspired and driven by the words of author and pastor, Mark Batterson. We love on one another, listen, share, cry, celebrate and connect deeply with the movement of the Holy Spirit within our circle, as we circle our lives in prayer.

I asked, with a bit of timidity, to share this piece that I wrote in 2019. It was ringing through Day 39, Holy Ground. I had only performed it once. And, that performance, though I hadn't memorized the piece (a no-no in my eyes), God moved powerfully in me and in the women at the event.

That morning on the Zoom call, I wasn't sure if this was allowed, if it would be well received, if it was too long and would drag on. After I typed the request to our beautifully spirited Zoom leader, Stacie, my computer randomly crashed. I thought, in my immaturity, "Is this God telling me not to share?" I persisted. I shared. God moved. As always, God's Holy Spirit moved. And, what I know to be true, God moved me more. I thought I was sharing to impact, inspire and bring healing or transformation to the ladies on the call. How-the-ever (however, lol) GOD MOVED, TRANSFORMED, and HEALED ME!!

Whatever it is, obey anyway. Step. Take that step.

This piece is here to share with those golden "soles" I have encountered through Draw the Circle, and beyond. Words are meant to be shared, and there is power in God's word - both read and spoken. I trust that while everyone may not have experienced God's voice speaking these words through me as I perform the piece - the words being read will move and touch just the same.

In Love,


2 thoughts on ““STEP”

  1. Thank you soo much for sharing! It was not only the words of this poem that you so beautifully knitted together but it was also the way you gave voice and life to it!

    I’m looking forward to your next!
    Keep drawing the circle!

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